Breakfast bars are the hottest trend that doesn’t go out of style. We love breakfast bars and find they not only open up a kitchen but they provide a wonderful multi-use space.
We are going to highlight some of the best qualities of a breakfast bar and why you should add one in your kitchen. 

Why you should Build a Breakfast Bar

Open Concept: An easy way to make your kitchen feel much larger than it is with an open concept floor plan. By opening a wall and adding in a breakfast bar you can change the entire spatial feel of your kitchen / dining room area. When walls separate each room from the next you get an enclosed feeling making your house “feel” smaller than it is.

We opened the wall in this kitchen area and created the perfect breakfast bar making the rooms feel much larger.

Build a breakfast bar

Functionality: When we mentioned multi use earlier, we weren’t kidding. Breakfast bars can be used for so many things other than just having breakfast. Especially if you have children this is a great place to have them sit while you are still cooking/or cleaning in the kitchen. Also, for small art projects or activities this provides an easy to clean work space for your little ones rather than having a seat at the dinner table that may get damaged.

Decorative: Adding a breakfast bar will give your kitchen that modern appeal you’ve been looking for. While you’re in the process of adding a breakfast bar this is a great time to think about changing your counter tops also. Choosing a light color will brighten and open up the space even more.

Entertaining: Breakfast bars are great for entertaining because it adds a ton more of counter space for gathering around/eating, decorating or setting up a buffet. If your house is the party house then a breakfast bar is completely necessary.

Easy: Now that you know all the reasons you must add a breakfast bar into your home, I hope you’re happy to know that it is an easy process. First, take a look at your kitchen and envision an area that it would go well or anywhere you can take down a wall. Then, hire a licensed contractor to come take a look at the area and bid the project. The most important thing the contractor will decide is if the wall can be removed and the property still maintain structural safety.