Finding the right LA realtor will be one of the most important steps in your real estate transaction process.  Familiarize yourself with the following tips to help make the process easier.

Research LA Real Estate Agent

Not all Los Angeles real estate agents are equal.  Take the time to research the agent.  Before your interview, make a list of questions and things to remember to discuss and ask for, such as:

  • How many years have you been a LA real estate agent
  • What makes you the right agent for me?
  • Ask for client and colleague references.
  • Ask for a list of upcoming open houses where you might see them perform in person.

Get to know the agent.  Being comfortable with an agent, learning how they will help you to buy or sell your home is essential, including how much time they’ll spend with you and how they will communicate and the hours they will be available.  You will be spending many hours during the week together looking for homes, or showing your own, and it is essential to be comfortable with the agent.

Look for an Area Specialist

Agents you interview should be area specialists.  An area specialist gives you the advantage of someone who knows the area, the homes in the area and agents that work the area.  Having an area specialist means you have someone who knows the values of homes in the area, is aware of homes that will be coming onto the market, or just listed, and is familiar with the current existence of the neighborhood and its future plans.

Strong Credentials

Your Los Angeles real estate agent should have strong credentials that set them apart from other agents.  The agent may have extensive experience in the market, or additional classes.  If the LA real estate agent is a REALTOR® then they have been required to take extra classes and a more detailed exam.