Flip or Flop, House Hunters, Fixer Upper, Beach Flip, and the list goes on of popular HGTV shows that portray what it’s like in the life of a ‘flipper’. However, are these shows accurate? Have you ever wondered if they really represent the “average” flippers day to day lifestyle.

hgtv flipping

Well, we can let you know these shows are not entirely accurate but they are also not wrong. Let’s break it down.

Surprises: In most of the shows during the construction process, some huge surprise always comes up that is going to be very costly or drastically throw them off budget. This does happen many times, however often times these run ins can be avoided by having an inspection contingency when purchasing. Usually these inspections can prevent running into large issues, however many small issues do always arise.

On site all the time: This portion of the show is somewhat false because as a flipper you often times are not on site of your current project. It is definitely a great idea to periodically check in on your projects and make sure you are not behind schedule. However, if all of your time is spent on one job site then you can not be out finding more homes to flip!

Hands on work: Being a flipper is a lot of hands on work, from doing walk throughs, working with contractors, choosing designs, etc. However, in these shows they do not show the extensive amount of administrative work and scheduling that goes into these fixer uppers. Depending on how many projects you have at once will determine if you need an administrative worker part time or full time. Either way the paperwork, and scheduling is crucial to the success of a project so having an employee focused on this, is a smart idea.
Overall, these shows are pretty accurate in regards to how the flipping business is portrayed and obviously each business owner varies. So, if you are in love with these shows, don’t worry, so are we. They’re so much fun to watch and not to mention always have a level of excitement. Not to mention, the before and afters are jaw dropping. To check out some of our jaw dropping before and afters take a look at our videos that showcase the ultimate transformations: