Any Los Angeles Realtor will tell you there are tricks to the trade when it comes to enhancing the appeal of your home.   The gains have everyone enthused, and many experts say now is the time to purchase.  With the increase in housing prices – which has been slow and steady, home equity will build faster.  Interest rates are still at an historic low and now is an excellent time to get your home on the market for buyers to take advantage.

A quick, top dollar sale won’t happen without staging your home.  This doesn’t mean you have to go out and replace the counter tops or replace the tubs.  It does mean that you’ll have to put a little TLC into what you have, and possibly update the home a bit.  Following are some areas to pay special attention to:


The bathroom should be clean.  Start with the walls.  In a spray bottle mix one part water and one part bleach and scrub!   Next the tub or shower.  If your shower doors have a film on them, add some straight bleach to a spray bottle, get a steel wool pad; spray the glass doors and scrub.


Bathrooms sell homes, but, your outdated floor, won’t.  An alternative to replacing the tile is to use a fresh new coat of paint.  Simply paint the tiles with a high adhesion primer and then brush on a ceramic epoxy covering.   Hardwood is becoming increasingly popular and many can be restored to their former glory for a small investment.

Counter tops, Lights, Sinks, Fixtures

Be sure the floors, counter tops  mirrors, lights and fixtures are clean and add a fresh coat of paint / polish.  If you are limited on space, pedestal sinks are a hit with buyers.  Pedestal sinks show off the square footage in a small bathroom thereby giving the illusion of more space.  Set out hand towels and nice soaps, which add a finishing touch to a sparkling bathroom.

Master Bedroom

Your master bedroom should be appealing.  Make the room neutral if possible.  In other words, that beautiful pink floral may suit you perfectly, but buyers may have an entirely different thought about the color- destroying their feel for the bedroom.  Remove gender specific items, paint the walls a neutral color, and get matching bedding.

Brick Fireplace

Brick fireplaces can stick out like a sore thumb.  One way to tone it down is to paint them.  Simply brush a light coat of paint on the bricks one at a time.  The fireplace of a home can become a focal point / selling point.  Clean out the inside of the fireplace, clean the screen and put a coat of heat resistant paint on it, or purchase a nice brass screen to add to the attractiveness the fireplace.


Kitchens are a main selling point in a home. When staging your kitchen, the counters are key.  Get all clutter off the counter tops   That means all toasters, gadgets, every day cooking spices, and all other items so you can focus on the kitchen- its cabinets, its layout, etc.  Add a new non-appliance decorative items to the counter space- a basket with fruit, a vase with flowers, some cookies on a plate, etc.  Clean every inch of the kitchen- the walls the refrigerator, the stove, the sinks, and everything else between.  If your cabinets are in poor shape, consider refinishing them, or painting them.  Give the walls a fresh coat of paint, as well.  Staging home means more buyers, and a quicker sale.