Often times when life circumstances take an unexpected turn it can cause a feeling of being out of control.

Loss of a loved one or a job, bills stacking up, behind on a mortgage and unexpected illness are just a few things that can lead to the state of not knowing what to do and how to do it. When it comes to your home and the threat of loss there are easy small steps that you can take to overcome. The objective is to gain back time, money and a second chance, ultimately keeping you in control of yours and your family’s future.

There are definite steps to take;

First, assess – this is where you overcome the feeling that things are moving too fast- stay in control by sitting down and categorizing the presenting life issues

Second, create and action plan-this is where you come up with the plan to stop the finical loss

Third, learn your resources- this is where you will find the helping hand that brings you to your second chance

Being in a situation where you need to sell your home but are overwhelmed with the best direction to go is a familiar and daunting task for many. Many homeowners in this situation have had the most stress free, quick success when staying in control of the sale of their home. That ease of access has inevitably come from working with a private buyer with cash!

Things to look for when you choose to put your future on the fast track of repair by selling your house to a cash buyer

Testimonials- you want to see that your new buyer has been successful in helping other families move past their loss.

Credentials- you want to see that your new buyer is properly licensed and acting in accordance with the state laws and has a qualified team to work in your best interest

Professionalism- when speaking with your new buyer if they are a true professional they will be considerate of your situation, offer guidance, and be able to advise and move you forward in your action plan.

If you find yourself encumbered with your home right now, don’t despair too much. There are options. You can sell your home to a professional cash buyer for a fair market price. Maybe you have tried working with your bank with no success. Have you already been turned down for a loan modification or had a failed attempt at working with your lender? There are cash buyers out there and ready to commit to help you. A short sale may even be possible if you owe more on your home than it is worth and a professional cash buyer can negotiate those terms for you.

Stay in control by making informed decisions, choosing your course wisely and asking for help from the right professionals.