We Buy Houses, Cash, As-Is

We Buy Houses, Cash, As-Is

One could make an infinite list of factors that go into selling a house, but there are a select few that truly make or break a home sale.

The question you may be wondering is would my house sell in Seattle’s market?

Well, in reality, the list of factors that may sell your house is much less daunting than infinite.

Selling your house in any market, including the up and coming Seattle market, can be broke down into 5 simple steps.

  • Fresh and modern kitchen
  • Updated and clean bathrooms
  • Curb appeal, curb appeal, curb appeal
  • Open floor plan
  • “Sizzle Features”

Lucky for those of you looking to sell your home, 1, 2, and 3 are updates that are pretty feasible for anyone to take on. Although, just like any home upgrade, it’s going to cost some money. So if you have the money, that’s a great option and you might be able to sell your house for market value.

The last two house selling features take more ‘know how,’ money, and a much more extensive remodel. Unfortunately if you’re stuck with a closed floor plan or if it has bad flow, this can have a major impact on selling your house. For this reason you may want to leave the retail market and turn to other options for selling your home.

If you’re not into making upgrades or you don’t have the money to go that route and you still want to sell your house, you are not out of luck. Scroll through our page here at Simplified Properties, we buy houses and specialize in making the upgrades needed to sell your house.