Hiring a Los Angeles real estate agent that is a good fit means the best possible selling experience possible.  So, how do you know this is the agent for the top dollar, stress-free quick sale?   Familiarize yourself with the process below.

Net Savvy Agent

Hiring a net savvy agent is essential in today’s market where 80 percent of homebuyers start their search on the Internet.  Seek an agent with a strong Internet presence.


Homes that are sold quickly and at top dollar are sold by agents that are both net savvy and have experience in the field.  Years of market knowledge is essential to understand the ups and downs of the market and have the best insight possible.  Also, and experienced LA real estate agent will provide the best home selling transaction.

Advertising Methods

Your LA real estate agent should be one that uses traditional advertisement methods such as the MLS listing and classifieds, as well as the Internet to ensure optimal exposure of the home.

When interviewing LA real estate agents, ask for references and testimonials.  Questions to ask include:


  • Do you work as a LA real estate agent full-time or part-time?
  • How many homes do you sell annually?  An average of seven homes each year is average.
  • What is your list price to sales price ratio and how does it compare to the market average?
  • How will you market my LA home for sale?
  • What are your credentials to sale my LA home?