Looking for Passive Income and Cash Flow?  Who isn’t!

Our objective is to generate consistent cash flow, tax advantages, and invest in value-add properties where we can force appreciation.

We are pleased to share current opportunities with friends, family and accredited investors.



  1. Can investors use their retirement funds?  Yes, through self-directed retirement accounts.
  2. Is there a risk?  Yes.  Investing in real estate involves risk. There can be no guarantees that investment objectives or returns described will be achieved. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance or that such investment opportunities will become available.


“I’ve been motorcycling through Vietnam the last few days!  Please keep making money for me!!!”

-Joslyn A. Private Lender, Hermosa Beach, CA

I was sick of earning less than 1% interest with my CD.  I make more in a month lending to Simplified Properties than I do in a year elsewhere.  Looking forward to the next opportunity to re-invest.
-Kevin B. Private Lender, Manhattan Beach, CA



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