If you have started the (sometimes long) journey of selling your property you may be thinking “I just want to sell my house fast”. Well, don’t worry, you are not alone! Tons of homeowners embark on the journey of selling their house fast and no matter what the reason may be, we can help! The process of selling your home can be a little stressful and feel like a lifetime. Here are a few steps you can take to help selling your house run smoothly.

1.       Curb appeal: Focusing on curb appeal is specifically important because it will be the potential buyer’s FIRST impression of your home. This can be the difference between the buyers slowly driving by and not stopping or happily parking and eagerly walking up to the front door!

Sell my house fast

A warm color and inviting landscape pictured at our New Construction deal in Los Angeles, CA.

2.      De-personalize: This step is a quick and easy way to make the inside of your house more appealing to buyers. You can do this by taking down personal family photos, and making your home more neutral to outside guests. If you have family photos everywhere it is much harder for them to imagine the house as their own.

1067 WHITMAN ct ne Renton wa

An inviting living room without personalized photos helps you to visualize this home as your own in Renton, WA.

3.       Professional Photos: Most of our time is spent on the computer which means many of your buyers will come from the internet. A photo truly does say a thousand words, and that means you can tell if it’s professional or off of your iphone. Think of advertising your home as if you are advertising yourself. What I mean by this is: if you were marketing yourself online you would make sure to have the best representation possible in order to attract the right audience. The same goes for your home, not only do you want buyers to know that you are serious about selling your home. It is important for them to love the photos so much that they have to see the house in person!

A recent rental property flip in Federal Way, WA. Photo taken with an iphone camera.

A recent rental property flip in Federal Way, WA. Photo taken with a phone camera.

The after photo taken professionally.

The after photo taken professionally.

4.       Sell Your House For Cash: If you are truly looking to sell your house fast then this can be one of your best options. Selling your house for cash means you can sell on your personal timeline with no stress. Maybe you have inherited a property or you’re going through a separation and want to unload this property ASAP. In many of these cases people forget there is a cash option, and don’t realize how quickly cash deals close. Just think about it, who doesn’t love cash?