There are two types of renovators – the ones who remodel based on their taste and the ones who renovate based on current trends in interior design. There are pros and cons to each side, but we will now focus on interior design trends that will be hot in the year 2016. Focusing on the latest trends will help you quickly improve the value of your home on the market and make it stand out. However you want to try to steer clear of making any permanent renovations that are too trendy as they can make the house appear dated fairly quickly and may turn off some buyers. So, read on and choose the options that best suit your property to maximize your house value. 

Steps to: Maximize Your House Value

Front and Garage Door

This may sound surprising, but one of the most valuable things you can do for your home is to replace your entrance door. People often opt for those made of steel, because they add security without affecting the overall aesthetics. Replacing the front door is not an expensive project, and it will give it a more polished and modern look. If the expenditure seems too high to change the garage door, then you can use appliances like the ar blue clean ar383ss and give it a thorough clean to ensure it looks as good as the rest of the house. 

On average, this project will yield a 101% return on investment based on latest statistics. The same goes for garage doors, which yield an impressive 82% ROI, so make sure to match them with the entry door to create a nice aesthetic flow.

Bathroom Remodeling

This is a more upscale project and it requires both time and money, but a beautiful bathroom is something that most buyers will appreciate. Like you already know, the bathroom is the room that sees the most foot traffic in the whole house and one of the most important rooms that actually sells houses.

Always remember that the bathroom and kitchen are the biggest selling points. So, remodel the whole bathroom, install new showers and a toilet, and spice it up with accessories like shiny stainless steel towel racks.

Kitchen Remodeling

Maximize your house value

This is the crown jewel of every home, so if you want to spice up your house, this is the place to start from. Spending money in the kitchen is always a good idea, because most people like to be able to quickly cook up a meal or spend some quality dinner time with their family. The things that need to be remodeled in your kitchen are counter tops, lighting, back splashes, cabinets, major appliances, islands, flooring and storage.

Attic Bedrooms

Many homeowners prefer to add another bedroom, and the attic is the most popular place to turn into a bedroom. This should not be a surprise, as adding another bedroom greatly improves the value of your home, offering a cool 77.2% average ROI.  It can serve as a guest room or give parents some added privacy, once the kids grow up and need separate rooms.

Families are getting bigger and looking for homes that have more bedrooms to offer. The best part is that they are ready to pay more. So, consider adding another bedroom, the costs might cause headaches, but it will all pay off when you sell your home for a bigger price.

These are some of the most popular current trends that will add great value to your home and bring you big profit. Some of them are easy to manage, and some of them need careful planning, but it is all worth it. Your home will look amazing and you will not have any trouble listing and selling it.