Sell My House and Relocate

Do you want to ” Sell My House and Relocate “?

Selling your property is a big decision and can be a bit of a process. The process includes relocating and finding a new place to call home! This could be to rent, temporary housing or purchasing a new property. Homeowners often forget that selling and buying go hand in hand like two peas in a pod!

The timeline you choose to sell and buy, is really up to you and what the transition looks like for you. Many factors go into this timeline because if you have a reason for relocating (like a career transition) then you most likely have a deadline on when you want to make the move.
Even though selling and buying almost simultaneously can sound stressful, it is a lot more common than you think and can be a smooth transition. A lot of the time if you are looking for a cash buyer, like us, you want to sell your home fast, as-is and with no repairs. Often times, many homeowners who want to take this route our looking to relocate for the following reasons:

  • Down sizing
  • Divorce
  • Family death
  • Upgrading to a larger/newer home

If you are looking to sell your home and move for any of these reasons we can make your transition easier and quicker. During a potentially stressful time it is important that you find someone with experience that you can trust to guide you throughout the process.

Each homeowner places value in different aspects of selling. For example, some homeowners value time and want to sell within a few days or weeks because they already found their next perfect home. Or maybe you are someone who values assistance, for example someone who will physically help you move out or get rid of your excess items.

Real estate agents and real estate investors are both great contacts to have when looking to sell your home and buy a home at the same time. As real estate investors, we are able to tap into our huge database of real estate professionals to help you in any way we can. When you are contacting us it is not only to sell your home fast but we can offer real estate advice and problem solving.

That’s why we suggest if are looking to sell and buy a new home or relocate in general, contact us today so we can offer professional real estate advice and assistance: 888-991-1070