We believe the kitchen is the heart of every home. Whether you like entertaining guests, or just preparing a nice meal with the best slicers from AMA Top10 for your family, you should enjoy your time spent in the kitchen. However, since most of the time in a kitchen is spent cooking, the appearance may slip your mind. If you are looking for easy to clean counter tops check out https://floform.com/countertop-easiest-maintain/. If your kitchen is stuck in the 70’s it’s time for an upgrade with the hottest trends of 2016.

1. Breakfast Bars/Islands:

Who doesn’t love a great breakfast bar? Not only will this enhance aesthetics, but for functionality purposes it is wonderful! Often times adding a breakfast bar to your home can be an easy update. All you need to do is find a few trusted contractors to evaluate the most efficient and cost effective route to take, receive the bids, choose one and have them get to work!

kitchen trends

Prior to our renovation, this kitchen was closed off with a wall where the breakfast bar is now placed. By breaking down that wall, we added tons of counter space and opened up the kitchen to make the whole house feel bigger!

2. White, Gray & Neutral Colors:

White cabinets with gray accents will provide you with a clean palette to change your decor as often as you please! By using neutral colors and earth tones, adding bold colors elsewhere provides a great balance. We enjoy using shaker white cabinets, however if you have cabinets that you want to keep don’t be afraid to just paint those white for a whole new look.


This recently sold home in  SW Seattle is the perfect representation of shaker white cabinets with clean lines and a subtle gray accent wall to make bold colors pop.

3. Stainless Steel Appliances:

We’re pretty sure these will never go out of style. You honestly can’t go wrong with a quick update to your kitchen by switching out your old appliances with new stainless steel. They provide a clean and modern look to any kitchen and it doesn’t require much intensive labor on your part.


We turned this outdated feeling kitchen from a drag to FAB by adding brand new stainless steel appliances. (We even kept the original counter tops).

4. DIY Decor:

There’s nothing better than making your house feel like a home. With the recent DIY craze, it’s easy to take on a few DIY projects for your kitchen and completely change the atmosphere. From a small flower arrangement to a unique set of monogrammed dishware, personalizing is always in style. We love these etched cutting boards from designmom.com. You can use them while entertaining or strategically place them on your countertop for display.


We love these etched cutting boards from designmom.com. You can use them while entertaining or strategically place them on your counter top for display.