With the housing market soaring instead of spiraling, wholesaling jumped, and many are now questioning whether it is too late to get in.

Wholesaling is a real estate investing technique.  With the market turning many jumped right in and took advantage early on.  So, now the question, is the flipping opportunity over or is the market saturated with wholesaling real estate?

There’s a bit of a controversy here, so we’ll have to take a look at hard figures.  When we take a look at the last real estate boom, there aren’t nearly as many investors or real estate agents involved.  This is shocking, considering the manner in which home values are increasing.  While the reports are positive across the nation when it comes to rising values, there are still areas in the US where home are selling for 20 to 50 percent under their previous values.  We also have the banks that are foreclosing on properties faster.

The US real estate market conditions brought a lot of foreign investments to the board, namely a lot more cash deals by both foreigners and US investors.  Interest rates are low, and equities strong, making it a safe assumption to say there is no bubble to burst.

All experts claim the recovery we’ve experienced is here to stay.  As for those that are educated in real estate, they know that history shows home prices double every 10 years on an average and housing booms normally last 10 to 15 years.  We can safely say we’ll likely see another 150 percent appreciation in home prices before home values reach the top again.

This is a great time to wholesale.  There are many distressed and discounted properties on the market, and good values on the market.  When combined with low interest rates and rising property values, the opportunity in wholesaling is still there.

While the opportunity is still there, it is necessary to invest in education to do it right and well.  When you know how to flip houses, there is a world of opportunity to make sizable profits.