2021 Year in Review

I hope you‚Äôve enjoyed an amazing holiday season so far! We’ve spent the last few days in beautiful (but frigid) Montana reflecting back on 2021 and geeking out on 2022 goals.

Here’s a 2-part recap of our highlights that you might find interesting or helpful as you think about 2022:

Part 1 –¬†Portfolio Action¬†(working in the business)

  • Sold 4 properties (3 Seattle deals & Albertsons Shops in Tucson, AZ)
  • Purchased 5 “Fixer” Commercial Properties in Greater Phoenix totaling 7.5m (should appraise for ~15m stabilized)
  • Locked in long-term fixed rate debt on as many assets as possible (including our primary – did a loan mod with BofA rather than Refi)
  • Invested with friends in Self Storage (New England), Mobile Home Park (Ohio), and Apartments (St. Louis)
  • 10 leases signed (Boxing Gym, Preschool, Cosmetics, Nutrition Shop, Pizza, Brewery, Seminars, Gym, Titlemax, 3 SF rentals)

Part 2 –¬†Business Development¬†(working on the business)

  • Embraced¬†Unique Ability¬†&¬†Who Not How¬†(concepts from Strategic Coach)
  • All properties now under 3rd party property management
  • We are leaning on great CRE brokers for every transaction (purchase, leasing and sale)
  • Brought on Aaron to work full-time on video production and marketing
  • Measuring weekly ad spend, engagements, property tours, and letters of intent (based on Running¬†EOS/Traction¬†with better metrics to drive faster lease up of vacant properties
  • Revitalized website with fresh¬†Buying Criteria, Investor FAQ, Space for Lease + Tenant FAQs

I have a lot of people to thank for helping us to put together a really exciting year… but to name a few:

  • our friends & colleagues who have partnered alongside us over the last 8 Commercial Real Estate deals we’ve bought in Greater Phoenix. Brittany and are always grateful for your trust and partnership.
  • our hard-working brokers who have helped to source new purchases, sign leases, give dozens of tours, and sell our stabilized assets.
  • our support system of vendors, lenders, and our 3 Mikes: Attorney, CPA, and Property Management.


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