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The real estate market is insanely HOT right now, for many reasons: Loan rates are deliciously low. The powers that be continue devaluing the dollar by printing trillions. Buying fixed assets like real estate is a powerful way to hedge against inflation. The tricky part is not getting caught up in the bidding wars and… Read more below

Tax Advantages of Owning Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate investing can be confusing and expensive. In this video I discuss how we are able to generate paper losses and reduce our overall tax liability. *This is not legal advice, be sure to speak with your CPA regarding your personal tax situation.

Using Data to Invest Smarter in Retail Real Estate

Join Commercial Real Estate All-Stars Julie Harris & Jennifer Hill… affectionately known as “J2 CRE” for live Q&A and to discuss: How DATA has become a big part of decision making in recent years How landlords can be leveraging data Big business changes post Covid The future of Retail Real… Read more below

Where to invest your money in 2021

In this video I share why I sold 3 residential rental units in the Hottest market in order to free up more cash for BIGGER, BETTER investments such as retail commercial real estate. Every year, investors make decisions on whether to buy more, sell, hold, or refinance real estate we have in portfolio. It’s officially […]

How I lost over $200k flipping houses

We’ve all seen the fix and flip shows on HGTV and the other home networks give us access to amazing flips that seem to take nominal effort yet provide huge payback. I share my story with fix and flips that cost me 200k and one of the main reasons I decided to get involved in […]

Double or Triple Commission deals In this video I share how commercial real estate brokers who work with me on deals can not only double end their commission but can even 4x their commission on a single property. Times are tough and I’m here to make life a bit easier for you. As a… Read more below

Gilbert Square: White Boxes & New Signage My top ways to fill a vacancy in a shopping center: Get her ready, with hair and makeup put some lipstick on the pig so to say. So when a shopping center think about things like landscaping, paint, cleaning up or reseal and striping the parking lot, new monument… Read more below

The Right way to use Clubhouse for Business

In this video I review an article by Mashable about the new social media app called Clubhouse. The app Clubhouse is a drop in audio invite only medium to connect, promote, network, and entertain all in one. Will Clubhouse take it’s place among the social Media titans? Or will it become another victim of these […]

How To Buy a Commercial Property Ep.1

I have a new deal, we’ve just opened escrow. So let me start at the beginning. When I’m hunting for a deal, I’m combing through CoStar or brokers are presenting me deals that they think are of interest, that meet my buying criteria. For me, that means it’s… Read more below

5 Ways to Invest in Real Estate…according to Nerdwallet

What’s up investors. How to invest in real estate, it’s a million dollar question. Let’s take a look and see what the top article on Google says. Watching in. Right, so Nerdwallet has the top five ways of how to get started. I’ll let you know some of the… Read more below