My top five ways to fill a vacancy in a shopping center:

Number one, we’re gonna get her ready, with hair and makeup put some lipstick on the pig so to say. So when a shopping center think about things like landscaping, paint, cleaning up or reseal and striping the parking lot, new monument signage, get it looking good from the outside.

So she’s ready for her photo shoot.

We’re gonna go get professional photos and videos and a drone shot and we’re gonna have it all professionally edited,  so it’s a great representation of our multimillion dollar property.

Once we have all that awesome media assembled we wanna get it housed on a landing page or a Facebook page or a destination URL, a vanity URL where we can start to drive traffic so that people can see our wonderful space and the good value that we have available.

From there we can drive traffic to those destination pages with traffic from Facebook, LoopNet, Crazy, LinkedIn, Craigslist, Email Broadcast, you name it. We wanna send people to check out what it is that we have.