What’s up investors. It is video Bonanza week here. We’re doing a LinkedIn live with my mentor on Wednesday in the middle of the day, talking about 20,21 opportunities and how we can position ourselves to take advantage of the wave of distressed assets that are coming. So, be on the lookout for that. We’re doing a clubhouse immediately following it. And we just finished up a series of cool videos.

I interviewed my buddy, Jeremiah, on mobile home parks and self storage. That’s available now. How to underwrite commercial real estate deals. What I look for to pass quickly or dig in deeper. How to fill up vacancy, applicable to not just retail, but a lot of different asset classes. We finished up my duplex case study with 1000% ROI. So, check that one out.

Crowd favorites the last month were how to use clubhouse for commercial real estate and what commercial brokers are doing to get steady deal flow coming in. Oh, and don’t miss my interview with equity trust. They’re a self-directed IRA provider. So, we went through about 20 awesome minutes of passive versus active investing. How to do out-of-state. How to do turn-key rentals. How to do commercial real estate. Why I made the switch to do extra comma and more zeros.

Let me know if you have questions, feedback, comments, or what you want to see next. I’ll talk to you soon. Get in the game.