Where to invest your money in 2021

In this video I share why I sold 3 residential rental units in the Hottest market in order to free up more cash for BIGGER, BETTER investments such as retail commercial real estate.

Every year, investors make decisions on whether to buy more, sell, hold, or refinance real estate we have in portfolio.

It’s officially crazy town in residential: values have skyrocketed, rates are still at lifetime lows, and inventory is tighter than ever.

During my portfolio review, I analyzed my rentals cash-on-cash returns (vs. the opportunity cost)… and it was time to take action:

In this video, I go in depth and share why I *just* sold 3 rental houses in Seattle to free up 800k in equity, so I can double-down on fixer-upper commercial deals (with more cash flow and better tax advantages).

I also share some of the specific numbers and strategies on my plan build a 100 million real estate portfolio within the next 3 years.

Want to invest in commercial real estate together?