How CRE Pros are Maximizing Clubhouse (TRAFFIC!)   FireRound!  Speakers share a specific CRE win from Clubhouse Karly Iacono: @karlyiacono Tremendous experience with the platform.  Started a club called NNN investing with nearly 500 members (all things retail & net lease).  Been using CH for 3 buckets: 1) lead gen to reach new clients & investors…… Read more below


FireRound!  Speakers share a specific CRE win from Clubhouse

Karly Iacono: @karlyiacono Tremendous experience with the platform.  Started a club called NNN investing with nearly 500 members (all things retail & net lease).  Been using CH for 3 buckets: 1) lead gen to reach new clients & investors… meeting new clients each week.  2) Give Back: how to break into brokerage, career paths, growing your business, sharing information.  3) Education for myself – learning a ton in different LinkedIn rooms, from Cardone, picking up great tips from various experts.   Suggest making the connect off platform via either LinkedIn or IG DM.  

Natalie Wainwright @natalie_cre10x it has strengthened relationships from other social media networks, since it establishes a better connection. Hashtags in your bio for linkedin are a must have. Free up to date knowledge.  Create a strong clubhouse profile. Be intentional about your learning. Rooms where you want to learn niches and the business lingo.

Matthew Luchs: @mattyluchs take notes from people who are 10 years ahead & behind.  connect on & off platform.  having conversations with people locally.  Strengthened relationships, hearing peoples voice for the first time we’ve never known besides social.  Amount of knowledge in LinkedIn rooms is insane.  probably received thousands of knowledge that would have otherwise cost thousands.  Push hastags in your linkedIN bio.  Go into rooms i want to do business with.  I have clubhouse on in the background while i work.  the opportunity to get knowledge and network offline instead of hiding behind. Effortless social media ,since it’s an easy entry.

Eddie Gonzalez: @crewitheddieg flexibility of not having to be on zoom.  had about a dozen calls that have stemmed from time on clubhouse directly.  replaced podcast & tv time with clubhouse time.  reaching out to 10 new contacts per day via IG.  Educate and entertain

Kyle Inserra: @kyleinserra Invited to CH by my videographer.   It’s a land grab right now for digital real estate and eyeballs.  Amazing way to connect in real time.  You can multi-task.  resulting in a lot of hits on IG and DMs from clubhouse.  Taking some of our “internal” meetings and hosting them in clubhouse format to share what they’re working on “behind the scenes”.  Builds other platforms like twitter and instagram. Fridays 11 eastern. Digital Army

Ronny Philip: @ronnyphilip Feels like Pop-up Conference.  Wondering what’s the point of even going to conferences?  Host your own rooms, talk about things you’re passionate about.  I jump in all sorts of rooms.  Connected me with prominent players in PRivate Equity, Hosted Undercover Billionaire with Grant Cardone.  Likes Breakfast with Champions room with Greg Lundy.  Absolutely connect with people offline.  Setup Calendly links so people can books calls directly.   

Abel Pacheco: @abelpacheco Focused on finding deals & raising capital.  SEtup a linkTree on my profile so everyone can connect across social media.  Host a podcast & weekly meetup and this is giving tremendous exposure to both platforms.  Clubhouse is supercharging the power of connection.  This has replaced so many lunch meetings and coffees.  Use the search functionality to search bios for keywords.  Optimize your bio so you’re searchable for particular keywords.  Set the alerts for people you’re interested in connecting with (and those they follow).  

Rod Santomassimo: @massimogroup Co-hosting with Beth Azor (who has 5,000+ followers).  We had thousands of people viewing the post, promoting the CH room we were hosting.  Make sure you have a strong bio.  Outreach has to be done correctly so it feels warm and not a cold

Marco Della Rocca: @officespacemtl Hosted first room, focused more on residential, but he shared commercial.  Indoctrinate people, calling to invite people to come to the platform who will benefit.  Connecting & referred existing network with other key players in the network.  Small to mid-size groups of 5-50 people feel the most productive.  Treat it like networking or a conference, and if you know how to use it properly we can get a ton of value.  

Benjamin Kogut@benkogut Focused primarily on educating people about passively investing and building relationships on the platform.  Use clubhouse to drive traffic to an e-book or other lead magnets.  Checkout to cleanup your email inbox.  

Arianne O’Brien: @lyonsproperties I’ve caught the bug.  I had my business page linked – but just switched it over to my personal page.  CH is driving traffic to my LinkedIn and Instagram profile. 

Anthony Behar@anthony.behar Follow folks in CRE, to curate a hallway that’s in CRE.  Finding value in giving a little and getting a little.  Meeting & connecting with as many people as I can on clubhouse.  Tend to play in the CRE rooms to make sure I’m among the right audience.  Enjoying smaller rooms where we are able to be more interactive.  

Ron Quizon: @ron.quizon Joined to learn more about CRE & Multifamily.  Found out there are so many rooms beyond real estate (mindset etc.)  Have been able to increase my circle of influence (especially while we’re all in isolation).  

Michael Morris@canadevmike utilize the always notify bell strategically.  

Ashley Vesay: @leasing (epic name btw) Excited about C0-Moderating (Carly & Natalie).  Having clear direction with Q&A.  Feels like a land grab given that its relatively few users right now.    Build your base now before everyone else gets onboard.

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