How to Blow up your Pipeline for Killer Deal Flow (Clubhouse Notes)   Here are my crude notes from our clubhouse session on deal flow and filling up our pipelines.  Thanks to all the folks who shared great actionable items we can implement for our own markets, asset classes and portfolios.  We had great representation from CRE pros including leasing brokers,… Read more below


Here are my crude notes from our clubhouse session on deal flow and filling up our pipelines.  Thanks to all the folks who shared great actionable items we can implement for our own markets, asset classes and portfolios.  We had great representation from CRE pros including leasing brokers, investment sales, landlords, CRE digital marketers, residential agents, and fund managers.  – Sean Katona

  • Natalie Wainwright. Checkout Persist IQ.  200 Personalized emails per week .  LinkedIn to source new deals.  Mailer to FUP that we closed a transaction.  Handwritten congrats, Lawyer, top 100 list.  Omnipresence.
  • Khaoula Benghanem , Started with loopnet, forged broker relationship, they which led to an off market / pocket listing. 
  • Arianne O’Brien.  Leverage Loopnet and partner with other brokers.
  • Mike Shekoyan : Brokers.  Checking in every 2-3 months.  Sign call.  Social. Clubhouse.  Calling landlord & brokers. 
  • Ashley Vesay: Hundreds & thousands of calls to get deals.  Reach out to residential realtors & brokers.  Get them up to speed on how to recognize a good deal / referral.
  • Melanie Williams: Sphere of influence and super connector.  Refers a lot of business out to commercial brokers
  • Minjia Yan: 70% of their top CRE brokers deal flow is coming in through residential referrals.  Meet up groups, breakfast groups.
  • Shlomo Chopp:  CMBS debt restructuring. Specific buying criteria that we work through specific brokers on.
  • Marti Weinstein: Networking with residential brokers.  Networking with lender, title, cpa, attorneys, coffee, referral business, social media for direct outreach (15-20 dms).  BNI, ULI,  Franchise Shows.
  • James Milner: Be efficient with your time, prospect daily, relentless working your pipeline.  Good leading questions, lots of calls!
  • Kevin Thaxton: stay in front of prospects, keep sending them sites.  Sign calls.  Get cell phone numbers.  Text Follow ups. 
  • Cierra Rider: Referrals & following up with clients after a deal has closed, checking in.  Social media, text follow ups.  Helping in other ways that are unexpected.  Sign calls.
  • Josh Lyons: Digital Marketing Director for CRE.  BNI.  1 residential, 1 commercial.  Our most successful CRE brokers have their own personal brand established, video marketing, podcasting, etc.
  • Anthony Behar: Need to stay in brokers face on a regular basis (especially with experienced brokers, that we already have lucrative relationships with).  More engaged if you’d reached out a couple times.  Started out door knocking (industrial broker).  Get to know the tenants, and the owners.  Slowly build up a book of business. Big BNI believer and member of ProVisors (network with wealth managers,) built a brand as the “downtown industrial guy” – became a super connector with clients.   Cold calling, company does digital marketing / email (25k people database).  Podcast to interview movers and shakers in his market.  Charities to plug into high net worth individuals.  Refer to specialists.
  • Justin Fishman:  Brokers bring most our deal flow ($20-40M price points).  Inland Private Capital (buying on behalf of 1031 investors).  Phoenix, Denver, Opp Zone.  Getting great looks at “PreMarket / OffMarket” deals.  Sellers can be sensitive to the open marketing process. 
  • Shawn Johanson: Brokers, Bankers, Direct Mail.  Mailers to owners that have held for a long time.  Letters to people that have bought in the last couple years that are having a tough time.
  • Matthew Luchs:  Team does ~5,000 cold calls / week.  Today, they can count on tons referrals. 
  • Ruben Dua: Attract & Engage folks and create original content so that we have inbound traffic.  People feel like they know us.  Pre-framed, warmed up, people FEEL like they have an existing relationship with you.  Most people don’t post.  Podcast, mine social clips, VLOG.  Outsource to writer to build up a blog.  StreamYard to push out to multiple platforms.  
  • Jerry LoCoco: Direct mail, enter ~15-20 properties into CRM.   Share the wealth, don’t lose a deal over trying to maximize a commission (double end). 
  • Kalen Rickard: Using Video for efficiency shoot vacant space, eliminate the need for an hour drive and realize something doesn’t work for me.  Omnipresence: Broker relationships have been consistent producer, door knocking, direct mail. 
  • Samuel Vaden: Affiliate / referral channel partners from debt & equity brokers.  private equity guys.  dealing with family offices and industry groups, asset managers.  go back to old school, in the room.  go to your money guy who is aware of people flipping out or in the process of trading a deal.  
  • Marco Della Rocca: Mastermind Group with Commercial Bankers, ACcountants, Lawyers.  Chair a bunch of masterminds every 2-4 weeks.  CRE broker from Cushwake…. but moved to residential brokerage where he gets way more referrals from residential brokers who don’t know what to do with the commercial leads.  Member chamber of commerce.  Charity work can be a great connector to high net worth individuals.  
  • Coy Davidson: Omni Channel: referrals. realtor referrals from my wife.  very targeted cold calling.  face to face.  have a big digital footprint.  wanted to have a great representation of what people see when someone inevitably googles me.  
  • Matt Rothstein: referrals from other brokers that work different asset classes.  reach out to business owners via linkedIn.  loopnet will show you the data analytics and shows you who has been looking at your listings.  
  • Terry Heller: Reach out to brokers on loopnet.  Once I reposition the asset we feed it back to the broker who is getting paid multiple times so they’re incentivized to bring more deals to us.  constantly posting my projects on IG.  every 1-3 months i reach back out to my brokers, share before & after pics.  


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